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Drug Repositioning

Drug repositioning (also known as drug repurposing or drug reprofiling) is the process of redeveloping a compound for use in a different disease. This approach capitalizes on approved drugs and many abandoned compounds that have already been tested in humans, with detailed information available on their pharmacology, formulation, dose, and potential toxicity. Drug repositioning is underpinned by the fact that common molecular pathways contribute to many different diseases. Drug repositioning has many advantages over traditional de novo drug discovery approaches in that it can significantly reduce the cost and development time, and as many compounds have demonstrated safety in humans, it often negates the need for phase I clinical trials.

We’ve collected data from a number of sources, both public and private. These sources have gone through a long process of organizing, cleaning, de-duplicating, parsing, and mapping to other relevant internal resources to provide the services available below:

Repositioning from the PharmetRx® Proprietary Drug Database

We’ve manually curated a proprietary database of de-risked compounds, some of which were collected from patient charts, obscure international journals, and not available in any other database.

  • 200 clinically-tested drugs, off-patents, and not in any available public databases
Repositioning from Publicly Available Databases
  • 100 million compounds from public data sources, including 1 million with known binding activity
  • 9,700 + clinically-tested drugs that are now off-patent


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