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PharmetRx®: An IND-Enabling, Validation Engine

PharmetRx® is a novel, computational drug discovery and development platform that uses artificial intelligence to collect and integrate biological, chemical, and human clinical data to discover promising new drug candidates, de-risk product opportunities through pre-clinical studies, and validate drugs in early clinical proof of concept studies.
There are currently 3 main components of the PharmetRx® platform:
  • AI-Powered Computational Platform for Cheminformatics and Biological Data Analysis
  • Proprietary Chemical and Biological Databases
  • PharmetRx® Validation Engine
This enables us to address client questions such as:
  • What targets will my lead compound(s) hit?
  • What existing drug-like compounds will hit my target(s)?
  • What novel compounds can be created to hit my target?
  • What can be done to improve my drug?
  • What are key targets/pathways for my disease of interest?
  • What are the potential liabilities associated with my lead compound?
  • How can I expand or diversify my existing pipeline?